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Submit to HAUNT

Deadline to submit, Oct.21

Visible or invisible - what haunts you? art critics, your ex, pet cemeteries, climate change, or perhaps your failures? ⁠⁠
-No fee to enter⁠⁠
-Original works only ⁠⁠
-All medias accepted⁠⁠
-Works that are for sale must be priced at $100 or under. We have an 85/15 split on any sales with 85% of sales going to the participant and 15% for the Standard, which will fund future creatives. ⁠⁠

$200 prize for People's Choice⁠⁠
$100 prize for The Standard's Choice⁠⁠

Event Date: Saturday, October 29, 6-8pm

Please submit your work HERE.

-Must be 21+ to apply and attend event

Submit a Proposal

We accept exhibition proposals on a continuous basis. However, our shows and programming run from May-Nov. and are dependent on weather. Proposals submitted outside of that timeframe will be considered for the following season or pop-up events. 

Please submit your general proposal HERE.

Review floor plan and images HERE

Photographers Needed

We're always looking for folks who have experience with event photography. With every opening, we need someone to capture images of the artwork, performances, and people that make our pop-up events.

Interested? We offer a modest artist fee in exchange for a couple hours of your time and skills. Contact us below!


Still have questions? Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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