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SUBMIT NOW - $250 Mini Grant 

To support local creatives in the Gallery's off-season, the Standard will award three mini-grants over the course of three months.  

While $250 is not a lot of money, it could afford you the freedom to create for half a day, just like these stock photos of creatives in their studios. See how they're enjoying their time and not worrying about other things? That could be you for a few hours or a whole day, depending on your spending habits. 

The big question is, "how do you give away mini-grants while not requiring folks to spend all their time preparing and submitting?" The answer? The Local Artist Network

The Avenue for the Arts is building a directory of creatives (art, design, music, performance) in the greater Grand Rapids area, so that people can discover their work all in once place. Whether you’re looking to sell work, get hired for a project, or collaborate with another artist, the Local Artist Network can help you reach your goal. In return, you can opt into a monthly drawing to win a $250 mini-grant provided by the Standard. You do not need to report your results and you can use this money as you see fit. The sooner you submit, the more chances you have to secure a mini-grant.

Do you have 2 minutes to contribute? SUBMIT HERE

Mini-Grant Schedule 

Round #1 February 16th deadline to submit - First recipient selected!

Round #2 March 9th deadline to submit

Round #3 April 6th deadline to submit

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